Saturday, January 31, 2009


("Candy Girl")

I've been a-searchin' o'er this big wide world
Now finally I've found my
Panty girl
Panty girl

I-I-I-I'm puttin' on a show (panty girl)
She-ee-ee-ee sits in the front row (panty girl)
My acting
I'm blowin' all my lines
She's mine (mine)
Mine (mine)
Panty girl

She-ee-ee-ee, frilly in Chiffon (panty girl)
Wond'ring, I am - will she keep them on? (panty girl)
She's flirtin'
It's hurtin'
Yeah, She's So Fine
She's mine (mine)
Mine (mine)
Panty girl

With her legs together
Nobody knows what she has in store
But both of us know at the end of the show
We will say hello
At the stage door

Ti-i-i-ime for the final song (panty girl)
She-ee-ee-ee slips out of her thong (panty girl)
She throws 'em
Bestows 'em
We bow just one more time
They're mine (mine)
Mine (mine)
Panty girl
Panty girl...

(everybody's favorite Four Seasons song NOT in Jersey Boys. Don't know it? Right click here.)

(assist from Pam Singer)
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Catherine said...

That's hilarious! Thanks for the laugh.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Sigorney Weaver's recent performance?

It has resulted in a new survey that says underwear for women is passe' (near pun unintended). The survey also said that thongs were regarded as about as uncomfortable as dental floss (near pun again unintended).

A Blog Fan