Tuesday, January 8, 2008

When Frankie Met Tommy: The Early Days

I ain't his little brother. But he taught me all about women. He was always there for me whenever I needed any, you know -- condoms.

(My Brother's Wise - to the tune of "My Mother's Eyes")

One guy named Tommy D
He took a shine to me
And I learned at my
Brother's side

From the first day I met him
He told me about romance
But all I cared about was gettin'
In Mary Delgado's pants

One bright red Belvedere
Might help me get in there
So I borrowed my
Brother's ride

Just like a high school teacher
He showed me the writing on the wall
Said sooner or later or I'd reach her
But she's gonna bust my balls

Some guys, they fear Tamooch
But to me he's a big galoot
My brother's wise.

(You can sing along with me here - but remember - you've been warned. And don't worry - I ain't quittin' my day job.)

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you should and take this act on the road.....remember Margo and I only charge 50%! I wasn't singing with your song, but was dancing up a storm!!! Keep them songs comming and brighten our days!!!

stubbleyou said...

Hmmm...Marlene...storm...are you sure you aren't Melissa Strom? That would certainly explain the dancing! (and thanks)