Thursday, January 3, 2008

New York, Big Apple, and N.Y.

A song for Nick...(to the tune of "Apple of My Eye")

On Broadway
I wanna be on Broadway
I'm tired of the roadway
New York, Big Apple and N.Y.

I'm touring
I'm always always touring
It's getting really boring
New York, Big Apple and N.Y.

Packing, unpacking
Jumping through lots of hoops
Think it's time I started
Forming my own group

I-I-I-I hate it
I really really hate it
I wanna be sedated
New York, Big Apple and N.Y.

Laundry? Never
Underwear starts to stink
Once I found my roommate
Pissin' in the sink

It's closer
He said that it was closer
That a-hole's such a hoser
New York, Big Apple and N.Y.
New York, Big Apple and N.Y.
New York
Big Apple
And N.Y.

If you don't know the original, or even if you do, here is an awesome video of it via the phenomenal Jersey Boys Blog.
(And if you want to hear me sing my version, cover your ears and click here. Don't say you weren't warned.)

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You sing this song better than Frankie did with the 4 Lovers........but can you move like them!!!

stubbleyou said...

Marlen(a)- You're such a ba-a-ad girl! Ain't no way, but thanks, and no!

Anonymous said...

You are one funny guy! How the heck did you end up being an attorney with all that musical talent??? Was that you playing the guitar? You need to continue writing lyrics to The Four Seasons' songs. Hey, how's this idea...why don't my sisters and I be your backup singers? We're all from Motown so we have all the moves down. Margo (Eric's mom)

stubbleyou said...

Thank you margo, but you must be confusing me with some other stubbleyou. Back-ups? Good'll be the Mar-Maids. Didn't you do "Popsicles, Icicles?" Or was it "You Don't Have to Be a Baby to Cry?" Yeah, that's me hacking at the guitar. Luckily it's a cheap one. (Seriously - thanks!)

Anonymous said...

Margo, my dear sister.......have you taken too many of your meds today........where did you get the idea that stubbleyou was anything other than a music store owner.......where do you think he has time to write all of the lyrics and sing and play guitar. And an attorney with a brillant sense of humor..........please!!!