Thursday, February 28, 2008

White Wine For You...

("Cry For Me")

White wine for you
Red wine for me
No, no you won't touch my pinot noir
Just your chablis

Well, you had your Blue Nun
With your fondue
Girl now you won't even taste my cab
Or my grand cru (crewe?)

So now I'm leaving
No more riesling
You're fine with chardonnay
So now I'm hard on you

I love merlot
Much more than your sweet meursault
But you repeatedly imbibed
Goin' Sideways on me

Well, you know how much it hurts
When you order that gewurz
With your veronique crepes
So cry, cry
Sour grapes

Don't you pour me white baby, bye bye
Don't you dare pour me white, baby bye
Don't you dare pour me white, baby
Red wine
Wine, pour me

(Apologies in advance for the lousy vocal. But at least the guitaring is no better):

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stubbleyou said...

"Early progressive rock"...(continuing the discussion from the comments under the "Lost My Walk Man" entry a few items back)...good descriptor, also conjuring up the Electric Prunes' "Too Much To Dream." But alongside that genre I remember one I'll similarly refer to as "early alternative rock" in which I'd put the two hits each (name them! I know you can) of each of these two-hit-wonder groups: the Beau Brummels, the Left Bank(e?), and (the toughest on your memory - yes, relying on memory is more fun than looking it up), the Merry-Go-Round. I have their album that includes their two hits.

Anonymous said...

I guess I would put the Left Banke in a category with the Moody Blues for use of full orchestral instrumentation. But the Moody Blues "VUs way over into distortion" hit "Go Now" was more of a standard pop song for the era. So I guess they "evolved" into something else later. Don't know if it was the style or the poor recording that keeps "Go Now" off Moody Blues compilation. I only vaguely recall Merry Go Round. I'll have to refresh my memory on that.